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Being injured in an accident is an upsetting experience. In addition to the physical and emotional injuries, you may not be able to continue to work at the same pace you previously did, or at all. The financial stress of waiting for litigation or for the end of long negotiations for a lawsuit settlement, can be frustrating. Why not supplement your income and get the financial support you need today, to see your claim through to the end with our settlement financing.

Easy Legal Finance will work with you to structure a pre-settlement loan to fit your needs, and help you focus on getting well.

You can choose between a settlement loan where you receive a monthly stipend that fills in an income gap caused by an injury, or a settlement loan in the form of a one-time lump sum. Our client service team can walk you through the process. Our settlement funding approval is straightforward, with a one-time administration fee, and much less demanding than many banks and traditional lenders.

Also unlike traditional lenders, if you do not reach a settlement and you lose your claim, you will not have to repay the loan. All it takes to get started is to speak with your lawyer and complete a fast and easy pre-settlement finance application. We will review your application and provide a response as quickly as possible, usually within one to two business days.

We offer:

  • Fees that are reasonable and easy to understand
  • A team of professionals guide you through the process
  • No credit check, no collateral and no monthly payments
  • No payment, if you lose in litigation

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Easy Legal Finance’s settlement loans provides you with advantages you won’t find
from banks and other traditional lenders:

The benefits of working with Easy Legal Finance Inc.

  • An easier approval process than with traditional lenders– no collateral, no credit checks
  • No proof of income or employment is needed
  • Easy-to-understand one time administration fee and interest calculations
  • No hidden charges
  • Pre-settlement funding choice of monthly stipend or one-time lump sum
  • No monthly payments required; the loan repayment and interest is due from the proceeds of your claim
  • No risk – no repayment if your case does not settle

We can help!

Easy Legal Finance can provide you with a settlement loan, while your
lawyer fights to ensure you obtain a fair settlement.
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